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HERP-A-DERP! Sean Spicer parody lights Lefty wackos UP for a hilarious and Happy 4th of July

What would July 4th be without the Sean Spicer parody (@sean_spicier) nuking all sorts of fussy-britches Lefties with zero sense of humor and completely lacking the ability to look for a blue check?


Maybe a holiday that focuses on patriotism and the awesomeness that is America makes them a little touchier than usual?

Whatever the reason, it makes for a stupendous timeline.

Right? Sheesh!

Which makes the parody account really good.

Funny how they still don’t understand the press IS the opposition party where Trump is concerned.




Sean Spicer really could learn a thing or two from this parody.




Big B might want to look for a blue check before making a big b fool of himself next time.


Twitchy readers seem to love it.

Like there’s something bad about being naked? Lefties are weird.

This was inherently hilarious though.

From the group who doesn’t know “your” from “you’re”.


‘That’s JUST my game.’ Val Kilmer’s Happy Fourth tweet inspires ‘HOLLIDAY’ hilarity

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