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Come out with your hands up! It's the HIPAA police! Louise Mensch beclowns herself (again)

Oh Louise, this is painful.

Beyond the fact that this is complete ‘rubbish,’ it’s HIPAA, not HIPPA …


And really?! Wonder how you reach the ‘Butthurt Crazy Person on Twitter’ division of HIPAA.

Is this a new thing from the Obama administration?

Hey, it could happen.


Put your hands behind your back! You diagnosed someone on TWITTER! You have the right to remain blocked!

We can’t make this up.

Did she really?

‘Hello HIPAA? Yeah, I want to report this account on Twitter for diagnosing another person on Twitter. Hello? HELLO?’

Oh man.


It’s also funnier if you mock her spelling of it.

Trust us.

We thought she was the missing Kardashian?


Twitchy police – hands up!

Look out!

Oh man, after reading these tweets we hope so.

Pretty sure our LMAO is totally broken as well.

OOOOOH, well now it makes total sense.


And curtain.


Socialized medicine KILLS: Parents of terminally ill baby in UK lose final appeal to try and save his life

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