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'Highly IRRESPONSIBLE.' USA Today totally BLOWS headline on SCOTUS and same-sex marriage

With a headline like this, USA Today shouldn’t be surprised when we call them FAKE NEWS.

SCOTUS isn’t reopening any national debate over same-sex marriage, they are hearing a case about religious liberty when it comes to baking a cake for a gay wedding.



Thank goodness people are calling this out, otherwise we’d see tons of protests in the streets with crazed people shrieking about how gay marriage is a right.

Even though it’s not, and neither is straight marriage, but we digress.

But it’s all they know.


Sadly too many people just read a headline … so we’re guessing this was no mistake.

If only.

Hey, gotta keep the people angry, right?


DUH: Debra Messing is SHOCKED that LGBTQ would kick Jews out of The Pride/Dyke March

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