Gosh, we hate to break it to our pals on the Left like Pete Buttigieg, Eric Swalwell, and Joy Behar who are working very hard to blame Trump for what happened in East Palestine, OH BUT it sounds like NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy just debunked all of that.

On CNN, which makes it even sweeter.


You’d think at some point these dummies would figure out Trump has been out of office for over two years now.

Oh, and she also wrote a thread on this but you know, mainstream media doesn’t seem at all interested in covering it for some reason so WE will. Sheesh!

A plea to those spreading misinformation.

Looking at you, Mayor Pete:

Yeah, Pete.

Yeah, Eric.

Yeah, Joy.

Yeah, anyone blaming Trump.



Notice, she put this thread out over A WEEK AGO. All of these a-holes playing politics and lying had to know this already … well, maybe not Joy. But the others?


Ok, we love her style.

Maybe both Pete and Eric should sign up.



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