Nothing to see here, just the UN Secretary-General talking nonchalantly about calling for ‘action’ against mis and disinformation on the Internet. Now, who gets to decide what is and isn’t mis and disinformation isn’t mentioned.


And terrifying, all in one.

Watch this jagoff:

Well, Skippy, you can call for it all you want but that doesn’t mean it’ll happen.

Eff the UN.

Sorry, not sorry.

Elon Musk dropped them with a whole lot of truth aka INFORMATION:

Nobody does disinformation more often or better than the UN.

So in other words, they will call for action against those telling the truth. Heck, we’ve seen just that in the last few years with COVID.


Ooh, that could work.

Right? Poor Adam Kinzinger and his rage injection … or whatever he called it.

*cough cough Biden cough cough*


Funny how that works out.



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