Man oh man, they are really and truly going after Ron DeSantis and all because he refuses to play their game. He is doing what he believes the people of his state want, his supporters who overwhelmingly re-elected him for doing the exact same things he’s been doing.

We’re not entirely sure why Jerome Adams tried to pick a fight here … but we hope he learned his lesson.

You’d think a former surgeon general would know better but eh.

He does realize this is pretty typical in like 40+ states, right?

Is he going after them?

Or is this about DeSantis?

We’re being facetious, we know it’s about DeSantis … just sayin’.


Still. Digging.

They’re trying to make DeSantis scarier than Trump.

That’s it.

Too late now.

He’s been Twitchied.


Yeah, he really should’ve deleted this.

C’mon now.

Not like he’s a biologist you guys.



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