Hands down, Joe Biden is the worst president EVER. Oh, Carter sucked, FDR and Woodrow Wilson also sucked, and Andrew Jackson was evil AF, but Biden … he’s all of that and so much more and not in a good way. What a spiteful, angry, useless old man.

Perfect for the Democrats.

Ironically, the Botox-filled turnip ran on the idea of being the great uniter, the president for all Americans, sweet ol’ Uncle Joe.

In reality, he is the authoritarian dick-tator the Left always wanted Trump to be.

Watch this crap:

Whose side are we on?

We’re on the Constitution’s side, Joe.

We’re on the country’s side, Joe.

We’re on our family’s side, Joe.

And if you want to play that game you’re going to find far fewer are on YOUR side.


Yeah, that seems to be the theme here.

And considering we have midterms in two months? Not a great job, Joe.

Like, at all.

This is an insult to idiots, everywhere.

Just keepin’ it simple, ya’ know?



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