Someone pointed out to us that Taylor Lorenz is trending in all top five places today on our website, and truth be told, we’re not sure that’s ever happened before. And considering we cover people like Eric Swalwell, AOC, and other winners on the Left, that is REALLY saying something.

There is just SO MUCH out there about her today, and while most of what we’re seeing is people dragging TF out of her for being a serial troll and horrible person, there are a few blue-checks (of course) trying to convince the masses that she was REPORTING and not DOXING.

And you can likely guess how these people making excuses and talking down to others about how journalism really works is going over.

Not. Good.

Look at this guy for example …

What exactly is massive disinformation and propaganda from Libs of Tik Tok? All she literally does is amplify the very videos liberals themselves post to the very public square of Tik Tok. She’s not making anything up, she’s not writing scripts for anyone, she’s simply letting the crazy speak for itself.

If he really thinks what she’s doing is disinformation then maybe he should take it up with the people she’s posting because it’s THEIR disinformation. Not hers.

Doxing a private citizen is investigative reporting.

Alrighty then.

Them’s the rules?


Just call it investigative reporting.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.



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