We’d say we’re shocked a guy who got caught bopping his bologna on a work Zoom call is still in the public eye but the guy in question works for CNN so sadly, we’re not shocked.

At all.

What’s really interesting about Jeffrey Toobin’s tweet is he KNEW it wouldn’t go over well because he limited replies to it. And by interesting we mean lame, pathetic, and totally wussified.

Apparently, Toobin thinks it’s appropriate to play the race card (because to be honest, they are running out of OTHER cards to try and play here):

So yea, as we said up there, Jeffrey turned off replies because he was SOOOOOO confident in what he tweeted.

Luckily, people can still quote-tweet him.

And holy HELL did people ever quote-tweet him:

A-ha, we see what he did here.



Oops again.

And on THAT note (and that horrible visual) we’re done here.



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