The Loudoun County School Board and admin turned their backs on the kids to play politics, so now it’s up to the kids to make a change.

As more and more details emerge about the not one but TWO sexual assaults that took place because of a trans-policy LCPS was trying to protect, it’s become clear that the adults the students should be able to count on to keep them safe FAILED because they were too busy playing politics.

Broad Run High School students walked out today in support of the sexual assault victims (while Superintendent Dr. Ziegler refuses to resign).


THIS is how it’s done.

Obama called these assaults, ‘trumped-up conspiracy theories.’


They’re too busy putting a curriculum together that parents have to sign an NDA-style form to even view.

You’d THINK after all of this they’d figure out cutting parents out is a mistake but here we are.

At least the kids in the district still have some common sense.



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