As Twitchy readers know, MeidasTouch tried really really super hard to make a rally held in Virginia around Trump and Jan 6 look like a Glenn Youngkin event, even though it was clearly organized by Jonathan Fredericks who has no ties to Glenn at all.

That didn’t stop desperate blue-checks from pushing the lie to try and help their stumbling, bumbling pal Terry …

What a jackas*.

No really.

Literally, it wasn’t Glenn’s event.

Adrienne is the Communications Director for the Democrats.

Nice try.

Rep. Abigail Spangberger who was caught cursing at Nancy Pelosi when she ‘almost’ lost her election last year also chimed in:


Oh, and of course, Terry himself lied his backside off about the event (go to 1:37, we don’t want you to have to listen to the entire mess):

While these tweets are pathetic (and lies) they’re nothing compared to the tweets Terry McAuliffe’s own staffers sent out. Note, they knew damn well this wasn’t a Youngkin event but they also know their boss is really struggling in the Commonwealth and are desperate for any sort of dig at Glenn.

This from Jake Rubenstein:

Jake, McAuliffe never answered the VA sheriff about whether or not he’ll defund the police. Care to answer?


Again, Jake KNEW this was a lie.

McAuliffe was probably proud.

Another staffer is Renzo Olivari:

Renzo knew this was not a Youngkin event as well.

That didn’t stop him from trying to push that though.

The important piece about all of this is that McAuliffe knows he’s in trouble with Independents, Moderates, and even some Democrats so he desperately needs to frame Youngkin as some alt-right MAGA crazy who will END ABORTION AS WE KNOW IT AND DO TRUMP’S BIDDING.

Yeah, we know it’s stupid but they seem to think people will buy it.

Luckily, they’re not.

And this only makes the campaign look even worse and more desperate.

Thanks, Jake and Renzo!



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