Last night, there was a Virginia GOP rally.


Let’s talk about that for a minute:

It’s not a great look to proudly wave a flag that was carried during the Capitol riots (not “insurrection,” we should note), though there’s nothing inherently wrong with reciting the Pledge of Allegiance before an American flag, since that’s kind of how the Pledge of Allegiance is done ’round these parts.

It’s also worth noting that Virginia GOP gubernatorial hopeful Glenn Youngkin wasn’t there:

Although for some people, Youngkin’s absence is immaterial, because it should be obvious to all of us that Youngkin is a Nazi insurrectionist domestic terrorist. So says, who claims to be responsible for “the best pro-democracy political videos and content”:

Seems like a bit of a reach, MeidasTouch. But forget it; you’re rolling:

We have yet to see or hear anything from Youngkin confirming or even suggesting that he’s “a seditionist and a terrorist sympathizer.” But given how much of a run he’s been giving Terry McAuliffe and Virginia Democrats for their money, it’s understandable that MeidasTouch would be terrified and trying to throw whatever they can at the wall in the hopes that something will stick.

And it’s sticking quite well for some people who prefer being perpetually outraged to being occasionally reasonable.

Seems to us that the people who don’t know history are the ones who casually throw “Nazi” around without knowing what the hell they’re talking about.

That’d be nice. We can certainly acknowledge that Dems are capable of being plenty creepy and culty without invoking Godwin’s Law.

It’s easy if you try.