Oh, good.

Pfizer has determined the Pfizer vaccine in low doses is safe for children 5-11.

This is sort of like McDonald’s releasing their own study saying their french fries aren’t fattening …

But you know, Teacher’s Union president Randi Weingarten is front and center pushing this study (while teacher’s unions fight vaccine mandates for teachers):

Great news for Randi and the lackeys who keep paying their dues. If they can force children to vaccinate they can feel even safer if they CHOOSE not to.

Anyone else tired of adults forcing children to do risky things so they can feel safer themselves?


That seems fair.

When unions start mandating teachers take the vaccine then we can talk about whether or not children as young as five should have to take the vaccine.



Who’s worse? Randi or Pfizer at this point?

We’re going to say it’s a tie.



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