Hillary Clinton may be the most corrupt politician in modern history.

We’re not even being melodramatic.

And that she keeps getting away with it? That people still support her and believe she should be the leader of the free world is terrifying.

Glenn Greenwald put together a thread about the Russiagate scam and the people who pushed the whole damn thing aka Team Hillary.

Cooked up by her own campaign operatives and fed to her servants in the media. Hell, they’re still claiming Russia helped Trump win in 2016.

Gullible reporters.

We’re not so sure they were all that gullible they just didn’t care if it was true or not as long as it hurt Trump and the Right.

Not one.

The people who pushed the scam were the corrupt and the criminal.

Most rewarded by the industry.

Media truly is the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party and they keep proving this to be true over and over again.

Yup, Hillary was the original birther.

GAWD no, lol.

Don’t it though?



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