Who DOES this?

You know what, we know who does this.

People who still haven’t learned to mind their own business and are sadly teaching their children to do the same. OR people who want you to believe their children are lecturing adults about covering their faces.

Either way, this is not the ‘win’ this doctor thinks it is.

Note: Please don’t use your kids to make a point on social media. Especially not on Twitter. We actually cut the photo of the little girl from her tweet because we didn’t want to share her face any more than she was already being shared.

Excellent point.


A prop.

Something like that.

Sadly, the way the country looks these days, we can absolutely see why a ‘Karen’ would be proud of raising another ‘Karen’.

This editor just feels sorry for the kiddo who is so afraid of germs and is not only comfortable keeping her face covered but lecturing adults about it as well. She looks like she should be playing games and making up stories and being a little kid, not lecturing strangers about whether or not they have a flimsy, dirty piece of cloth on their face.

Why would a parent EVER let their child do the scolding of another adult for them?

Weird, right?


Welcome to 2021.

How about just let your daughter be a kid?

Crazy talk, we know.



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