No one is banning masks in school, Randi.

You’d think she would at least take the time to check her tweets before hitting ‘send’. ‘This is very god news’ … wonder if this was a Freudian Slip because clearly she thinks her union and the teachers should get to play God when it comes to school.

From The New York Times:

President Biden, escalating his fight with Republican governors who are blocking local school districts from requiring masks to protect against the coronavirus, said Wednesday that his Education Department would use its broad powers — including taking possible legal action — to deter states from barring universal masking in classrooms.

Mr. Biden said he had directed Miguel Cardona, his education secretary, “to take additional steps to protect our children,” including against governors who he said are “setting a dangerous tone” in issuing executive orders banning mask mandates and threatening to penalize school officials who defy them.

“Unfortunately, as you’ve seen throughout this pandemic, some politicians are trying to turn public safety measures — that is, children wearing masks in school — into political disputes for their own political gain,” Mr. Biden said in remarks from the East Room of the White House, adding, “We are not going to sit by as governors try to block and intimidate educators protecting our children.”

The president of the teacher’s union posting this from Biden, accusing Republican governors of playing politics, is PEAK irony. Hypocrisy. Stupidity.

In other words, peak Randi Weingarten.

Her position and her union both suck.

Sorry, not sorry.

Our favorite is when she tries to pretend she wanted schools open last year.

Yeah, we can’t help but notice there is no ‘warning’ on Randi’s tweet.


Sensing a theme here?

Randi really is a piece of … work. Yeah, work. That’s it.



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