We didn’t think it was possible, but Cheri Jacobus has TDS Stage ELEVENTY.


Keep your hands and fingers away from her mouth at all times … seriously.

IT WAS ALL A PLOT! Trump is both an evil villain and a yet total buffoon and managed to somehow put in place a super evil BOOBY TRAP that would cause Biden’s entire administration to implode. MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Holy crap.

Look out, Alex Jones, you have competition.

Hey, at least she made the list.

And she’s not the only one infected with derangement syndrome. Are we going to need to come up with DDS, DeSantis Derangement Syndrome? Heh.

We are starting to wonder how these people manage to feed themselves or ties their own shoes every day. This is just nutty.


Let the dragging commence:





Whoa … HUGE (and hilarious) if true: Kamala Harris reportedly goes off on Joe Biden, says ‘You will NOT pin this sh*t on ME!’

Let. Them. FIGHT! When pressed on freedom of speech, Taliban spokesman seriously DUNKS on Facebook (watch)

And so it BEGINS! Teammate of soccer’s favorite Karen aka Megan Rapinoe accuses her of BULLYING team to kneel for anthem