For once we’re hoping a thread we’re writing about IS eventually debunked because if this is true … this is bad.

And the parents in this Iowa school system better get their poop in a group and start fighting back NOW.

Benny Johnson’s thread of various leaked documents from this school system is quite frankly very disturbing:

But we’ve been told CRT is not being taught in our schools.


You mean Democrats lied?

This is happening in a red state.

Keep going.

CRT really is about political vengeance and this is nutty. Make America Great Again is overt white supremacy?


Look at how pretty the screen is … blue flowers and stuff.

Totally harmless.


Sadly it was too little too late.

Denying white privilege.

Human family.

Classy stuff, progressives. Really.

This is just gross.

We see the same names come up over and over and over again.

Principles of constitutional law.


Anti-racism statement.

Discuss their own whiteness.

Holy crap.


We must not allow this crap in the fall.

Parents, you MUST pay attention, even if you’re in a red state. Do not become complacent.

Even in dark red states.

Wake up, people.



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