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LOL, WHO Are You? ICC Prosecutor Demands Arrest Warrants Against Netanyahu and Gallant


It looks like the game is up for Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. The International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor Karim Khan has called for arrest warrants to be issued for both of them for the crime of ... defending Israel against terrorists who want to exterminate them. 


If you're laughing right now, you are not alone. So are we, and we'll bet even Benji himself had a good chuckle at this news this morning. Watch: 

We won't ask you to watch that whole video, it is a litany of false accusations against Israel, even blaming them for many things that are directly Hamas' fault. But here is the really interesting part. To his (very little) credit, Kahn also asked for arrest warrants for three Hamas leaders, including Yahya Sinwar. Yet, somehow that first six minutes was cut out of this ICC video posted on Twitter. Why not put out the whole statement at once? That cannot be anything but deliberate.

The choice of language is curious as well. The 'state of Palestine'? There is no state of Palestine. 

Those word choices DEFINITELY were deliberate. 


The biggest problem Khan has, though, is that the ICC is kind of an international joke. 

The tweet continues: 

3) It has anti-Israel bias built into its founding treaty, and has taken a series of legal "firsts" to pursue this case 

4) Created to prosecute mass atrocity crimes, it has for political reasons fallen back on trying Jews for their self-defense.

To paraphrase MLK, the moral arc of history is long, and bends towards blood libels.

Ben Shapiro said it more definitively: 

So let me explain: this is an institution that doesn't include the US, Russia, India, China, Indonesia, Turkey, among others. It has attempted to investigate American soldiers for doing their jobs in Afghanistan. It's trash.


Israel, by the way, also does not recognize the ICC.

And Hamas ... well, they're not in a position to recognize anyone, but obviously, they do not either. Nor do their state sponsors in Iran.

In other words, this entire announcement this morning was just another piece of performative theater that no one takes seriously.

To add to the mockery, the Ministry of Truth went even further...

Well, we kind of support warrants against Hoobastank. They know what they did. 

Is the ICC anything BUT a cheap, online comedy show? Asking for a friend. 


All of the well-deserved mocking aside though, the ICC and Khan are doing something here that is truly despicable. They are basically equating the events of October 7 with Israel's more-than-justified subsequent war to take out Hamas, which wants all Jews erased from existence. 

They do love their false moral equivalencies, don't they? 

Even worse, by promoting this false equivalency, they grant (either deliberately or not) greater legitimacy and support for antisemitic terrorists and their supporters. 


Only the people who pay attention to them. Fortunately, no one of significance will. 

Again, the ICC has a grand total of six convictions in 20 years and no major nation is a signatory to the Rome Statute that created it in 2002. 

It's already dead. It just doesn't know it.

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