Note: We don’t actually KNOW when Joy blocked us, heck, it could have been years ago. But the fact that she did at all? It’s the little things that make you happy. – sj

Sheesh, Joy. Have a Snickers bar or something.

We suppose we should thank John Pavlovitz for blocking this editor who then had to use the Twitchy account to pull tweets and discovered Joy Reid had blocked our sweet, well-meaning, kind, good-humored Twitter aggregate account. Oddly enough, Joy has not blocked this editor so when we write about her being ridiculous it’s usually from our personal accounts.

How funny that she blocked Twitchy.

Something we said?

Something we wrote?


Honestly, what we write about her (and most everyone else) is based entirely on their own tweets so when someone gets mad at US we just point to their tweets and said, ‘this you?’

And of course, we hate to break it to her but blocking us doesn’t keep us from seeing her tweets … like this nugget of derp:

Missed that? Yes, a bunch of moronic lefties spent the night staring at Trump’s crotch to determine if he had a zipper on his pants or not because they thought IN THEIR LITTLE MINDS that the former president had somehow managed to put his pants on backward. Think about that. They are mocking him while THEY spent hours staring at his crotch for a gotcha.

A gotcha that was completely debunked, FYI.

As you can see, her block didn’t keep us from writing about her … and as long as you guys keep wanting to read about her ridiculousness we’ll be here doing the work others won’t do.


Too funny.



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