Here we are, nearly six months after Trump left office, and we’re writing about a bunch of chucklenuts on Twitter babbling about Trump’s pants supposedly being on backward.

No, seriously.

We don’t even want to know why this guy was up at 1:11 AM staring at the former president’s crotch.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it.

So at first, we thought maybe Trump had gone the way of a tailored pant with no zipper (they are fairly common) but then we saw this thread from Dylan Reeve who put in the time to figure out whether or not Trump had his pants on the wrong way.

Welcome to Twitter.

No way.

His pants were normal?

Get outta here.

Conclusion: Not manipulated.

Also conclusion: Not on backward.


Story debunked.

An entire thread about a fly.

And a bunch of people looking for any reason to freak out about a guy who isn’t even president anymore.

A centaur would be pretty cool … heh.



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