Twitter has suspended Dr. Naomi Wolf for her opinions and views on COVID and the COVID vaccine.

Considering this editor was locked on Friday for sharing emails between Fauci and Zuckerberg about Facebook this hits a little close to home. Censorship is never cool but seeing this sort of effort to stifle a certain narrative is freaking eerier than say someone getting suspended for calling Brian Stelter a pansy.

Yes, that actually happened.

Anyway, Glenn Greenwald took Twitter, the Atlantic Council, and liberal media groupies apart in a fascinating thread well worth your time to read:

Demand the internet be purged of anyone dissenting from their orthodoxies.


But he’s right.

Keep going:

These idiots love the idea of censoring people who disagree with them.

How convenient, right?



Gosh, we’re shocked.

Oh, wait, nope.

Adds up.

HO-LEE CHIT. What Glenn said.



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