Robert Reich wants Michael Flynn arrested for ‘publicly advocating for the military overthrow of the US government.’


Now, whether or not you think what Flynn said was effed up (this editor happens to think it was pretty bad), he shouldn’t be arrested for it. If people were getting arrested for babbling about overthrowing the government, they should have been arresting a buttload of Lefties and resisters since 2016.

Just sayin’.

Glenn Greenwald was good enough to school Bob with a helpful screenshot.

What a giver.

Guess you could say Glenn kept it simple … heh.

Was Flynn wrong to say such a thing?

In our opinion, yes.

Should he be punished for it?




Side note, Denzel Washington is SO FINE.


Ok, back to the story.

And totally predictable.

We should start buying copies of this book in bulk because there are a LOT of people who don’t seem to understand how the First works.



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