Whoever decided Kamala Harris should give a speech for the graduating glass of 2021 should probably have his or her (or their) head examined. There is a reason she couldn’t even get her own party to vote for her IN HER HOME STATE during the primary.

What a bizarre, creepy, out-of-touch speech:

The speech is a hot mess.

Kamala IS a hot mess.

Period. The end.

Imagine being a 2021 graduate and seeing this as your leadership?


The Biden administration doesn’t seem all that willing to let anyone dream and do unless of course those dreams and ‘doing’ fall within some sort of identity politics or union nonsense.



See what we mean? ^

Super creepy.


We see what they did here.

Such an underrated tweet.

*note, Kamala Harris wiped her hand on her pants after shaking hands with South Korean President Moon Jae-in*

Who writes this bologna? Probably some marketing firm at this point and as for anyone thinking it means anything?

Not likely.



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