Mrs. Vindman is almost as bad as the mister.


Imagine being the type of person who tries to ruin the life of an Iraq veteran over a tweet where he was clearly giving his best FEMALE FRIEND a hard time. Maybe Rachel doesn’t have any friends (male or female) but this is the sort of crap friends do.

But you know, REEEEEE!

Note, Rachel is part of a suburban woman podcast where they sit around and act like foamy-mouthed harpies hating on Americans who think differently from them. We know, we were shocked too that this is Alex Vindman’s bride.


Oh, and cultural problem in the military?

Maybe she should do a little research?

But you know, those cancel-culture tweets ain’t gonna write themselves.


She is seriously the UBER Karen right now.

And then she got all big and bad when her harassment caused him to delete his tweets:

You know she’s a real hoot to hang out with at parties and get-togethers.


Jessie Jane Duff dropped her:

What she said.

Treacherous, perfect.

How dare he or his friend have fun on Twitter because you know, EVERYTHING is a big deal these days.

Gotta protect us poor, lowly, scared women from jokes on Twitter ya’ know. We won’t be safe until Rachel gets them all FIRED …

Who are these people?!

Suburban women … never mind.



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