Let’s get it on!


Man, every time Hannity has Dan Bongino and Geraldo Rivera on the show together we end up writing about them yelling at each other. Not that we’re complaining, we find it fairly entertaining and considering how many of you read us when we DO cover their rumbles we assume you do as well.

This one was a doozy.


Wowza. What’s the record now? Dan: 3, Geraldo, 0?

Also, full disclosure, we watched this frame-by-frame to find just the right feature image.

So great.

And we knew the moment Hannity stopped asking his question about Biden’s failure with Israel that Geraldo was going to go the, ‘But Palestine’ route.

Bongino’s reaction … ouch.

True story.

Here we are.

Seriously. It’s like they can’t do an interview without screeching at one another.

Thank goodness.




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