No, this isn’t Tom Arnold or his older better-dressed brother … it’s Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota. And he thinks the politicizing of masks is ‘one of the worst things that have happened to this country,’ even though he and other governors who mandated Americans cover their faces are the ones who really made it political.

Not the people pushing back.

Imagine if these jagoffs had just let adults be adults and make their own decisions about mitigation with COVID? But then if they had done this we likely wouldn’t have President Biden which if you wear any amount of tinfoil on your head at all was the real reasoning behind all of this nonsense.

*adjusts tinfoil hat*


From The Hill:

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) on Thursday blasted the politicization of protective face masks that has occurred during the coronavirus pandemic.

“The politicization around masks, I think history is going to write as one of the worst things that’s happened to this country,” Walz said at a press conference, according to WCCO-TV.

“I think it cost lives,” he said of the pushback against masks by those who view them as a political statement. “I think it’s stupid. It’s the least intrusive thing we can do.”

Walz faced criticism when he issued a statewide mask mandate in July that required the usage of protective face coverings while indoors in public settings and businesses.

Welp, if Tim thinks the politicization of masks cost lives , then he and the other governors who used their position to force their constituents to mask up THUS MAKING IT POLITICAL are responsible. Sorry, not sorry.

Sorry governor, but this is on YOU.



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