This is … well, this is awful.

And sad.

Seems science reporter for the Toronto Star, Jennifer Yang, is so terrified of COVID that she decided to basically vilify her kiddo for testing positive. She has been ‘quarantining’ herself from her child, which seems very cold unto itself, but add to it that she went on Twitter to talk about how miserable SHE is?


So bad in fact that Jennifer locked down after receiving pushback.

Luckily Genève Campbell grabbed some screenshots:

The thing that makes her feel sick is NOT that her child is sick, but that her child could make someone else sick.

And the way she talks about the things her daughter has done … and how scared she and her husband are.

This just comes off as really horrible.

Scared people write scary stuff.

This ain’t rocket science.

We are definitely seeing an unhinged and unhealthy reaction in some people about COVID that goes beyond the dangers of the virus itself.

This is nuts.

And our public health systems and media should be ASHAMED of themselves.



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