Nancy Pelosi has said a LOT of stupid crap in her seemingly millennia as an elected official but her claim that things are on a ‘good path’ at the border in order to support and promote Biden? Yeah, this is super dumb, even for her.

If this is a good path at the border according to Nan we’d HATE to see what she considers a bad path.

We hope they enjoy her super-expensive ice cream.

And like clockwork, people are on this thread shaming the GOP for pointing out that Nancy is full of crap.

Instead of admitting what they elected is a disaster.

Look at this hot mess:

Fact-checking Nancy is stirring up their base?

C’mon man!

Umm … they had a solution and it was working. Biden reversed everything Trump was doing at the border.


Where was this guy with Trump before the pandemic?


Gotta love Biden supporters.

Oh, wait.



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