We all tried to warn them about Biden. They didn’t listen.

This thread would have been good if Ron Coleman had written it even TODAY … but that he wrote it way back in November of 2020 makes it exceptional. He, like many people on the Right, knew Biden was not the ‘package’ Democrats were trying to sell to progressives and liberals.

And he knew there would be some serious buyer’s remorse.

This thread is a doozy:

The guy has been in politics for five decades. If he were truly some great progressive thinker we’d have seen it by now.


Biden loves him some swamp.

We told them about China.

They didn’t listen.

It’s like they were psychic.

How very true this tweet was … and still is.



What he said.

That’s what happens when everyone starts working from home and relying on technology to ‘connect’.

Keep going.

This. ^

Remember when Jill kept butting in to explain Joe’s policies on the border?

Harris will do and say whatever it takes for power.

We’ve literally seen this happen.

Mmmmm … pizza.

And karma.




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