A year ago today, Rep. Eric Swalwell (who once had presidential aspirations) told America facing perhaps the most contagious point of the COVID virus to stop wearing masks. Now, if masks are the magical barrier protecting people from the evil, racist virus, then why oh why would Eric have told people not to wear one? Then again, it was at this time when Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Ronald Klain (Biden’s right-hand guy) were telling thousands of people to go to Chinatown to prove they weren’t RACIST after Trump banned travel from China.

Yeah, the last year was impressively and exhaustingly awful.

Today, we celebrate how stupid they all were – especially this doorknob:

What makes this even better is with both Texas and Mississippi lifting their mask mandates and the Left LOSING THEIR DAMN MINDS OVER IT … the timing is simply perfection.



A month later.

Dude is a disaster.

What did Biden call this line of thinking again?

OH, that’s right. Neandrethal.

Seems legit.

We know there is a Fang Bang joke to be made here but to be completely transparent this editor hasn’t had quite enough coffee just yet to MAKE that joke but please know, it will come to us at some point today.


Until he got it wrong.

Or did he get it right?

That’s the problem with flip-flopping and playing politics with a virus.

Way to go, Democrats.