We’re sorry but we missed the part of the whole #MeToo movement that said if you were only sexually harassed a little bit you should just deal with it. Guess A.J. Delgado missed that memo as well.

So apparently Cuomo only sexually harassing those aides a little makes it ok. Or something.

Certainly not ‘disturbing.’

Yeah, this is gross.

Disgusting works too.

And speaking of disgusting, you guys should see some of the tweets agreeing with Delgado …

Republicans only want Cuomo to resign for sexually harassing his aides because he’s a Democrat.


The ever-present, ‘But Trump’ keeps these sad sacks warm at night.

Well, if their sexual harassment doesn’t make it into ‘Kelly’s’ Top 10 than you know, we should just let them go.

What is WRONG with these people!?

Yes, his sexual harassment is all a plot.

They’re onto them!

Hey, we told you they were disgusting.

These same people were more than happy to destroy Kavanaugh’s life and family over allegations that completely fell apart but you know, since Cuomo is a Democrat the allegations against him are due to Republicans.

Or something.

We said they were disgusting, not that any of them made any sense.




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