Brit Hume has been on the side of common sense with the COVID virus and the government’s response from the very beginning, so you know when he’s sharing a thread on schools reopening it’s a good one.

Note, this thread is REALLY long, but so so so so so so worth your time to read. Keep in mind as you read all of this, Biden has allowed teacher’s unions to help create guidance about opening our schools and that many children across the country are still being kept out ‘until it’s safe’.


Sadly, it has become a partisan issue. People are putting teacher’s unions before the students … sorry, Democrats are putting teacher’s unions before students.


But somehow public schools can’t do the same.

And we all know why.

*teacher’s unions*

Meanwhile, the president of the Berkeley teacher’s union takes his kid to a private school in person.

Mental health crisis.

We’ve seen parents begging their districts to open citing their concerns about their children’s mental health. The usual response from people supporting the teacher’s unions has been, ‘Oh well, they were probably depressed anyway’ OR they accuse parents of exploiting mental health to get their babysitters back.

Not even making this up.


Even WHO says it’s good to open the schools.

Unions are making teachers into villains by exploiting this virus for their agendas. Sorry, not sorry.

Told you this was long.

But worth the read.

Unions have inappropriately focused on fear and misinformation.

Who knew?


Biden is SOOOOO far from following the science. Wow.

And his caving to the unions has only made it worse.



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