Man oh man, Biden supporters are working really hard to paint a picture of Sleepy Joe that doesn’t really exist. Perhaps it’s because they know deep down he’s still just Joe Biden, the guy who’s been caught lying, plagiarizing, hanging out with a Klansman, didn’t want his kids in class with minority children, told black people they ain’t black if they didn’t vote for him … you know, the real Biden.

We especially like how they’re trying to sell Biden as a good Catholic, even though he just pushed to fund abortion all around the world with your tax dollars.

Nice try, Chris … actually no, it wasn’t even really a nice try. Heh.

Honestly, we’d take every one of those mean tweets if it meant the thousands of people losing their jobs, paying more for their insulin, and/or watching their daughters’ sports be destroyed could get back to ‘normal’.

And seriously, gaslighting to talk about Biden NOT gaslighting? Dude.

Two hours later Jackson admits the photo is old.


Awww, look at that sweet picture in church.

Which was actually NOT taken yesterday (Sunday) morning but back in November.

They can’t even be honest with their own supporters, you guys.

It was from his OWN TIMELINE.

Holy guacamole.

That’s just freakin’ blatant.

Couldn’t admit Biden was likely at home yesterday morning hiding in his basement.



That just about sums ’em all up.



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