Hey, if you didn’t think what’s happening to our public schools was beyond stupid already, take a look at what is happening in Fairfax County, VA. Teachers there have been fully vaccinated, they insisted they needed the shots to go back so the state pushed many of them to the front of the line … and now they’re still refusing to go to work.

So, the county is looking to hire ‘monitors’ to watch kids while fully vaccinated teachers teach from home.

There is no guarantee that the monitors themselves are vaccinated but you know, teachers are heroes or something.

Unions continue to make teachers look like villains.

Teachers who have been vaccinated before those in the community who may need it the most (elderly, first responders, etc) sitting at home on Zoom teaching kids over a computer while a ‘monitor’ watches the kids.

Could this get any dumber?

Don’t answer that.

Agreed. The money should follow the student.

Unions are slowly but surely making teachers obsolete. They’ve definitely lost that whole ‘heroes’ look … well, at least the ones refusing to teach our kids.

Sorry, not sorry.



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