Hey guys, GUESS WHAT?! According to a new study, lockdowns were a ‘major factor’ in destroying our economy.


Ok, so not at all although to be fair, anyone thinking we needed a study to know that shutting our country down would destroy the economy SHOULD be shocking.

But it’s not because everything is stuipd.

From mcrtv.org:

It should be obvious to anyone who cares to study the economy, the authoritarian COVID19 policies, and the pop media rhetoric, that the mantra “COVID19 is responsible for a terrible recession” is missing something extremely important.

Whether that sort of myopic reportage is intentional must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but one thing is certain, those who honestly report on the economic disaster caused by the lockdowns stand out and deserve praise.

Jon Miltimore, Managing Editor at The Foundation for Economic Education, and a handful of other reporters, are those honest dealers, and Miltimore has just offered us excellent information substantiating the claim that, indeed, the primary driver of this 2020 economic collapse has not been social reaction to the virus, but political power.

Yet, swirling in the obscurant storm is spittle like that from The Washington Post, literally claiming, “Governors’ shutdowns did not cause the pandemic jobs crisis.”

Miltimore, and facts, beg to differ.

He notes that The Post cites a so-called “study” to back up its claim. But this study wouldn’t pass muster in a Sixth-Grade science class.

Wouldn’t pass muster in a sixth-grade science class.


All of those mean tweets were totally destroying our country.

Oh, wait.



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