Jen Psaki MIGHT want to delete THIS tweet … just sayin’.

Looking back we’re fairly certain it was Lindsey Graham who was questioning Sally Yates, not #LadyG. Guess it’s ok to send derogatory and homophobic tweets if you’re a Democrat and a verified Twitter account, eh?

An American hero.


Also, if you click her edgy little hashtag it’s clearly a dig at Lindsey Graham.

But you know, Trump and his mean tweets were super problematic and stuff.

Why would they? It’s not like anyone on the Left is ever really held accountable for being gross and horrible.

You know, it was probably the same time-traveling Russian hackers who put all of that homophobic stuff up on Joy Reid’s blog.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

How long ya’ got?

When even Lefties are calling her out (while making a gross and stupid dig at conservatives, sure), it’s not a good thing.

Ok, we laughed far harder at this one than we should have.




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