Don’t know about you guys but we can totally see ‘Fantasia’ being Ted Cruz’s favorite Disney movie. And we love the fact that he saw it when he was very little, it scared him, and it’s still his favorite.

Great memory:

Not sure why Seth Rogen felt the need to rage-storm into Cruz’s mentions over a Walt Disney movie but here we are. Maybe it’s the whole Canadian thing?

Or maybe he’s just a tremendous butthole.

Maybe both?

Seth really should learn to at least Google before making ridiculous claims like this one. He all but handed Ted his comeback:

We’re sure he hates that Ted enjoys them as well.


Also, we’re seeing a TON of screeching from people on the Left about how awful Cruz is for making a joke about Tourette’s. These same people were more than happy to look the other way when Obama mocked The Special Olympics while making a joke so we’re pretty sure they can all sit TF down.


Seems Ted got the best of Seth ‘cuz he got all sorts of mad:


Someone hand Seth a mirror so he can figure it out.

Not. A. Clue.



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