It would appear the New York Times has fired writer Lauren Wolfe. Lauren’s friend, Josh Shahryar, claims they caved to Trumpkins and ‘fascists’ who were angry about her having ‘chills’ after Biden entered the White House on Jan 20.

Because clearly the NYT always caves to fascists … or something.

Take a look at Josh’s thread (some of it):

Ok, so we’re skipping this part because it’s a whole lotta mopey and pearl-clutching that doesn’t really have much to do with his claims. We’ll pick up where he starts blaming Trump supporters for her being fired.

Oh we dunno, because bias is literally destroying the media?

Just a thought.


Holy crap.

None of these people understand what fascism really is. Not a one.

And we thought the constant preening about racism was old.


Here he goes into details again about poor Lauren.

Feel free to read them if you want.

We don’t want to so we’re not.

Soooo is he accusing the New York Times of bowing to fascists now? Firing her for being queer? Or a Jew?


Target of fascists.

It’s as if Josh hasn’t been paying attention to accounts like Media Matters and Sleeping Giants who have for years literally worked to fire and destroy people they disagree with politically. But please, tell us more about the New York Times caving to fascists.

Dude is really hung up on fascists.


Bias and all.

Oh, they can.

It happens to conservatives every day when ‘fascists’ target their workplace to get them fired for wrong-think.

We would suggest to Josh if he’s that concerned about fascism that he starts talking about what the Left has been doing for years first. America is playing by THEIR cancel culture rules. They created this culture, they fostered it … and now they’re having to deal with it.

Yeah, that’s our other takeaway. It’s not like Lauren was unique in her obvious bias … thinking there’s more to this story than a bunch of ‘fascists’ came after her over a tweet. Time will tell since Jake Tapper and S.E. Cupp and others have shared the thread like it’s important.



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