These tweets from Protein Wisdom mocking what Never Trump outlets are writing the day after Biden took office may be this editor’s favorite thing on Twitter today. Considering the number of times some of these folks who work for these outlets have made fun of what we do?

No mercy.

First this one mocking The Dispatch:

Historical remedy to institutionalized white supremacy and white fragility.


There would probably be a paragraph or two trashing conservative women who disagree with them … can’t leave that out.

Trump was yucky.

It’s like he’s been reading their work.

Ok, so there was a joke to be made about John Weaver DMing lots of young men inappropriate things and playing the ‘I’m gay’ card to get out of it BUT this will work.

Quite thought-provoking.

Compassionate conservatism … let’s bomb some sh*t!

Sure, Trump opposed abortion while president but he sent mean tweets so yay Biden!


It’s funny because it’s true.

Don’t give her any ideas.



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