What, they don’t want people to know who Kamala Harris helped get out of jail during the past ‘summer of love’? Wonder why? You’d think if she was defending people fighting for THEIR CIVIL RIGHTS and stuff they’d be super proud to list their records.

Unless of course they really were horrible people doing horrible crap and pretending it was for the greater good.

Sort of like Kamala herself.

From justthenews.com:

Harris’s support for the organization amid the riots last year was one of the factors that helped the Minnesota Freedom Fund realize a reported windfall of tens of millions of dollars, a gargantuan increase over the group’s 2018 returns of around $100,000.

Yet the bail fund was mired in controversy over the summer due to reports that it had helped spring from jail multiple alleged violent criminals, including at least one individual with multiple rape convictions on his rap sheet.



One guess.



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