Maybe Jake Tapper missed it but the media have played a huge part in fueling division and anger throughout this country and they have been for years. Even before Trump. But you know, he’s very smug about people ‘taking responsibility’ for what happened at the Capitol last week.

Notice, the tweet he’s quote-tweeting of his own calls out the media but we’re pretty sure he means the right-leaning media, not his own pals who have been dumping gasoline on the fire.

Wow, Jake is just getting worse and worse. That or he’s figured out once Trump is out of office he will have to find some new ‘villain’ to pretend he’s holding accountable. Notice how hard they’re working to find a new angle because the party is OVER, folks. How much of their traffic do you think came from hating on the bad orange man?

We used to think he was one of the more rational firefighters at CNN but holy moly, these past few years he has not done himself any favors.

In our humble opinion.

Oh, that’s right. When the media created a whole story that didn’t really happen so they could paint a high school student as some racist bigot for wearing a MAGA hat.

Take so many seats, Jake.

Those clicks and taps ain’t gonna click and tap themselves ya’ know.

See, we do too?


Something like that.



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