Rep. Pramila Jayapal has tested positive for COVID.

And it’s the fault of those evil Republicans who sheltered in place during the Capitol lockdown.

No, really, that’s what she’s claiming.

Oh brother.

Wow, is she milking this or what?

If she going to call for them to be censured as well?

Cripes, this is all so stupid.

In other words, she will work to make sure she supports the yahoos trying to impeach Trump.

Pramila, honey, he’s done in 8 days.


Oops again.

Also, notice she does not mention that she voted in person for Nancy Pelosi …

We’ve seen people politicizing the virus for months now but this … this was exceptionally bad.

Oh, that’s right. A rep showed up after testing positive for COVID to vote for Nancy.

But you know, blame Republicans.

If a Republican pulled this nonsense it would be a story in the legacy media for days. But since Jayapal has that precious D by her name they’ll help her blame the Republicans.

Because that’s what they do.



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