We’re not entirely sure why Oren Kessler thought it was a good idea to reference and in a way blame the Jews for what transpired at the Capitol last week BUT here we are. There is so much stupid and awful out there right now that you wouldn’t think anything would be so stupid and awful that it shocks US.

But this one did.

Maybe Kessler figured out how stupid and awful it was because he tried deleting the tweet (and we believe his verified account):

It was shockingly quick.

Gotta love all of that liberal tolerance.

But a lot of people on the Left are feeling pretty emboldened to say and tweet horrible things right now since West Coast Big Tech has stepped in and made it look ok to censor and silence certain people on the Right.

No consequences for them ya’ know.


And clearly, Twitchy worthy.

Well … bye.



Hey, they love to use those broad-brushes when it benefits them.



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