There are two fairly easy rules to remember when on Twitter.

One: Never compare anything to the Holocaust.

Two: Never compare anything to 9/11.

These are not difficult rules but for whatever reason, melodramatic twits like Seth Abramson can never quite figure that out.

Seriously with this?

Suppose we should just be glad Seth didn’t write 1000 tweets about it.

Now, we’re not writing off the seriousness of what took place in the Capitol. That was abhorrent and those responsible should be held accountable BUT comparing that to the murder of 3000 innocent Americans … not a good look, dude.

Not at all.

Seems his tweet did not work out the way he thought it would.


And good point.

Americans watched all summer from their locked-down homes as certain groups were allowed to destroy communities in the name of whatever group the Democrats were standing behind at the time.


PLEASE, don’t give him any ideas.



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