CNN is gonna CNN.

But this from Byron York is just … wow.

Would’ve been nice if our pals at CNN had admitted Trump was actually pretty tough on the Russians BEFORE the election, doncha think? We know, they had an agenda and a goal, and actually reporting the news around the president would not have been beneficial for either of those things.

NOW it’s ok to report the truth.

Sounds legit.

From the Washington Examiner:

Democrats and their allies in the press spent the last four years accusing President Trump of being soft on Russia. And worse: Some called the president a Russian asset, a traitor, Putin’s patsy, and much, much more. It was all BS, because behind the rhetoric was the stark reality that Trump, and his administration, have actually been tougher on Russia than many of his predecessors. Now, with the president on the way out, one lone voice in the anti-Trump press — CNN, specifically — has spoken the truth out loud.

On CNN’s “New Day” on New Year’s morning, the network’s Fareed Zakaria was asked how U.S. Russia policy under the new President Joe Biden might differ from policy under President Trump. “I think in general, there isn’t going to be as much difference as people imagine,” Zakaria said. “The Biden folks are pretty tough on Russia, Iran, North Korea. You know, the dirty little secret about the Trump administration was that while Donald Trump clearly had a kind of soft spot for Putin, the Trump administration was pretty tough on the Russians. They armed Ukraine. They armed the Poles. They extended NATO operations and exercises in ways that even the Obama administration had not done. They maintained the sanctions. So I don’t think it will be that different.”

They spent four years calling Trump ‘Putin’s Puppet,’ and NOW Zakaria admits he was tough on the Russians.

We’d say this is unbelievable BUT it’s sadly all too believable at this point.





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