Thank goodness for Sister Toldjah (who incidentally writes for our sister site, RedState) tweeting these screenshots of Oliver Darcy complaining about Maria Bartiromo because he’s blocked so many Twitchy editors over the years we’ve lost count.

Must be our winning personalities.

Anyway, seems Darcy has taken issue with Bartiromo accusing her of being a propagandist.

Yes, someone who works for CNN is calling someone ELSE a propagandist.

Stop laughing.

Ok, laugh. It’s pretty damn funny, especially the way Sister Toldjah framed it:

Governor Stacey Abrams couldn’t be reached for comment.


Oliver Darcy accusing someone ELSE of propaganda … now THAT’S funny.

And not funny ‘haha,’ funny-sad.

And cringe.

And embarrassing.

And awkward.

It’s like he doesn’t realize we can see what he says and read what he writes and tweets.


Clinton News Network.

Commie News Network.

Both work.

We laughed too.

Admitting you’re an a-hole is the first step.

It is both hilarious AND sadly pathetic.

In other words, CNN.

It’s what they do best.

We’re here for you bro!


Look in the mirror TWICE.


Chaplin! Yes!

Something like that.




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