Remember how many Democrats and Resisters tried to pretend Trump was a big meanie when it came to illegal immigrants? Heck, the media worked overtime to help them push that narrative. Only those who have been paying attention all along knew that Obama actually built the cages kids were supposedly being kept in AND his administration (featuring Sleepy Joe) deported more illegal immigrants than Trump ever did within his first term.

More than even W. deported.

But you know, they had a narrative to sell.

Wonder what happens to that narrative now that Biden is KEEPING those same evil immigration restrictions?

Obama built the cages, we’re not surprised Biden wants to keep using them.

After all, the same people who wrote Obama’s tweets and speeches and made him into the ‘marketing’ dynamo he was are doing the same things for Biden now. We’d be shocked if Biden even knows he won’t be working in the Senate come 2021.


Or they get distracted with some other shiny object to be angry and outraged about.

That works too if you’re a Democrat.

Imagine if WaPo had asked him real questions instead of what his favorite ice cream flavor is.



Help is on the way.

Good gravy it’s going to be a loooooong four years.


They’ll be too busy focusing on the evil GOP in the Senate and how everything wrong in the country is their fault.

Or something.


So stunning. So brave.

Of course he is, right media? A monster for putting kids in cages?

That’s how this works, right?



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