We have no idea why Keith Olbermann decided to try and pick a fight with Trump attorney Jesse R. Binall BUT here we are. Honestly, we should send Keith a batch of cookies and a ‘thank you’ card because this exchange right here is Twitchy gold.

It all started when Binnall tweeted about YouTube removing his opening statement about 2020 election fraud:

This tweet, for whatever reason, made Keith very angry. Granted, anyone sitting in their basement pretending they’re relevant and still have a job in media even after MSNBC fired them for being too unethical even for them would probably be just as tense.

He spotted a TYPO!

Geez, Keith. Really?

A typo makes him a ‘bubblehead’?

Admit it, you just cringed as much as we did.

Binnall responded:

But nice try.


Definitely left a mark of some sort.



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