Ok, we write about a lot of AWFUL and stupid … it’s the nature of the Twitter beast so when we come across a thread that we actually ENJOY reading (for a good reason) we like to share it with you, dear reader.

Mohammad Hussain is not able to travel home this year because of COVID, so his roommates are teaching him how to have his first proper Christmas. He shared his observations around the holiday with a pretty hilarious thread.

Take a look.

HA! Christmas is a LOT of work.


Anyone who has been getting ready since before THANKSGIVING will totally relate:

Or planning dinner.

Or wrapping presents.

Or figuring out stockings.

Keep going.

Yes, they will absolutely stab you in the neck. Especially if ham is involved.

Just don’t do it.


So there!

This. ^

He’s right.

Whatever works.

If his great-grandchildren break his bagel ornament they DESERVE to be haunted.

Love this.

Dude, don’t mess with the Christmas menu. Trust us.

Christmas is a lot of work. Yup.

And so worth it.



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